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The Lean In! Prep Program works to support young blind individuals in guaranteeing a bright and successful future. Through career exploration, teamwork, and skill building, students are prepared for future employment and achievement. Thank you for leaning in and supporting young blind entrepreneurs, thank you for making a difference.

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The Lean In! Prep Coffee Mug is available now!

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To purchase your Lean In! Prep Coffee Mug and support these amazing young blind entrepreneurs:

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  • Under the heading “Register,” enter your email address and click “register.”
  • You will be sent an email address with a user name and password. If you do not receive it, check your junk or spam folder.
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By supporting our cause, you will not only be helping the Lean In! Prep program, but also supporting countless others with disabilities, for a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the Peaces of Me Foundation, which works to end the stigma associated with disabilities, physical differences, and chronic illness. Lean In! and make a difference!
If you would like to learn more about the Lean In! Prep Program, check out our video!

If you would like to get in contact with us, you can reach us at Info@VanwardConsulting.com.